Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spotify: Death of Music?

I was in HMV at the weekend, and got chatting to a friend of mine who works there; I think they're going to make it, which is great news. The fact still remains that the music distribution industry have changed drastically in an impossibly small moment, and HMV is going to have to change with it.

At first, I couldn't quite get my head around Spotify. How would I know what to listen to? Where would my musical identity be suspended if I listened to music that I couldn't wear, like a badge, in my CD collection? What a 90s view of the music world that has turned out to be.

Paying for a premium account on Spotify has been a thoroughly liberating experience; a fresh waft of sea-air through my musical nostrils. Bracing.

Every day I am discovering new musicians and fresh melodies to rekindle my love of music and inspire me to create more of it myself. The connections between albums and E.Ps, guitars, synths and bass have never been so real, or so easy to follow; one album leads to another and, like a single square of delicious Bourneville chocolate, one tune is never enough.

My current squeeze are a folksy little outfit called "The Milk Carton Kids" and if you listen to only one of their tracks, make it 'Michigan'.

Does Spotify mean the death of Music?

The answer if definitively "No".

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  1. Spotify is only the very beginning of it.

    "Will Fox" is the "nom d'├ętape" of a student at school.

    When I look at what people are doing with access to a computer and services like SoundCloud I am transported back to my formative teenage years. My bandmates and I scrimped and saved to spend a couple of hours in a local recording studio. What we came out with were a handful of tapes that sounded great (in my memory at least) but were heard by almost no-one.

    What we could have done with access to a MacBook and something like SoundCloud! I'd likely be on my fourth wife, sipping Champagne from the belly button of a super model (as an aside, during my time in said band, I wrote an essay along a similar vein during a class detention, which merited me further punishment. I supposed it wasn't quite as eloquently expressed by my 14-year-old self).