Monday, 4 April 2011

Prowl - DVD Review

Release Date (UK DVD) – 4th April 2011
Certificate (UK) – 18
Director – Patrik Syversen
Country – USA
Runtime – 81 minutes
Starring – Ruta GedmintasBruce PayneCourtney Hope, Oliver Hawes
Prowl is a vampire movie from Norwegian director Patrik Syversen that bites, sucks and blows…err…wait, that sounds wrong. Will vampires live forever? Or has this genre been bled dry?
Amber (Hope) desperately needs to escape the small town existence that is suffocating her and has dreams of moving to Chicago. After arranging to view an apartment there, she persuades her friends to join her on a road trip to the big city. Just outside the borders of their sleep hometown, Eric’s (Hawes) car breaks down. After accepting help from a passing trucker and climbing into the back of his trailer, it soon becomes clear that their driver, Bernard (Payne), wasn’t being entirely honest about his cargo; a cargo he intended to deliver to a dark place, where vicious creatures prowl.

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